This is a guide to provide more information on how to configure and use the bot.


These are some of the configuration steps required for the bot to function properly.

  • An app-level token with the connections:write scope as SLACK_APP_TOKEN (in the "Basic Information" section) and the Bot User OAuth Token as SLACK_BOT_TOKEN (in the "OAuth & Permissions" page) is required.
  • These event subscriptions are required in the "Socket Mode" section: Required event subscriptions
  • These bot token scopes are required in the "OAuth & Permissions" section: Required bot token scopes


This section lists all the plugins implemented in the bot.

Launch Message Plugin

Plugin ID: launch_message

This plugin sends a message when the bot is launched. It is useful to confirm whether the bot is functioning properly.


Screenshot for Launch Message Plugin

Plugins List

Plugin ID: plugins_list

This plugin provides a command to list all the plugins that are available and show whether they are enabled or not.


Plugins List Screenshot

Cron Message Plugin

Plugin ID: cron_message

This plugin is useful for sending recurring messages regularly at specified dates and times.